"Learn The Secrets Of The Gurus And Discover Profitable Niche After Profitable Niche In This Brand New Video Course"

Create Profitable Products Quickly And Easily As You Learn The Secret Techniques For Researching Profitable Product Ideas In This Complete, End To End Course

Here's The First Secret:

"The Money Is In The Niche!"

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

Is not knowing if your niche ideas are good enough to make money with, stopping you from taking action?

Are you waiting to find that perfect niche before you move ahead?

Do you have "Information Overload" about exactly how to do niche research?

Don't worry if you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions because you're in good company.
To discover the best Niches, you simply need edu-ma-cation... it's not a gift you're 'born with'.

Millions of people trying to
make money online don't know this information!

One of the hardest things you can do is to identify a profitable niche. Sure, you have ideas for products, but are they going to be profitable or not?

That's the $64,000 question that can make the difference between a profitable product and one that sinks into obscurity.



I call this the 'Classic Entrepreneurial Error' and i t see it regularly - a person thinks they have the perfect product or service to sell online (or offline, it's the same classic error), and they then go off and spend a little fortune on marketing and creating their own unique identity and Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

What they've NOT yet done, is find out if there is a market for their product/service (research).

Well the good news is; the internet takes away all of the guesswork - when you know how! - there I go again... it's as easy as KNOWING HOW - anyone can dominate and Make Money Online when they have the KNOWLEDGE.

Until now, many marketers have struggled with the concept of product research and instead prefered to follow the herd in the hope they can make some money from the scraps left by the big boys.

Everything you do, whether it be creating your own products, pay-per-click, licensing, article writing, affiliate marketing, forum marketing, list building or even offline-marketing, it all comes back to having a profitable niche.

If you have a dud of a niche, you will never, ever make money online.

BUT, if you have a hungry market that is begging for a solution to their problems, you will be in a position to sell what they demand.

The niche that you promote is EVERYTHING. It effects the way that you write, the strategies that you use, the way you speak to your list, the keywords you target... even the design of your website.

Now is the time for you to break away from the herd and to follow your own fortunes. You can create profitable products and discover niches that will make you money day in and day out.


The How To Research A Product Program has been specially designed to give you a step by step guide to researching your product ideas and finding niches that will earn you $$$$.

Anyone can create a product, but creating a profitable product is something that eludes many marketers.

It doesn't matter whether you are a web guru or a web novice, you can apply the techniques in this course to your site and benefit from them.

The How To Research A Product program is designed to give you a complete view of niche research from looking for ideas to checking out the competition and how you can beat them.

With the knowledge contained in this course you can learn how to create profitable products that will earn you a good income.

This material came straight from my $3,000 Workshop

It's true, my attendees each paid $3,000 to attend my three-day workshop, and the very first thing I taught them was; Research is Number One... THE most important element of Making Money Online, and usually the one thing that most people don't enjoy doing (perhaps because they don't know how).


You Too Can Discover Profitable Niches

Finding a profitable niche really has never been easier for you to do than it is now. You are now curious to see exactly what is in this powerful course ...


Video 1 - All About Product Research

  • Learn why product research is so important
  • Understand the need to create a product that has buyers ready and waiting for it
  • Know why product research is the most vital stage of product development

Video 2 - Keyword Research

  • Learn how to research keywords using free online tools
  • Quickly and easily identify profitable keywords
  • Your keywords are how people find your niche site
  • Why pay for PPC traffic when you can get free traffic?
Video 3 - Ideas Site
  • Get information straight from the horse's mouth on what people want 
  • A great information site for anyone wanting to find profitable ideas
  • See dozens of "How-To" niches
  • This is niche research heaven!
Video 4 - Product Research Site
  • Look over my shoulder as I show you how to use one of the biggest marketplaces there is to find out what is selling
  • Get tons of product ideas
  • This is another goldmine full of niche gold
Video 5 - Niche Research Site
  • Find out exactly what products people are buying in this incredibly in depth market research site
  • See "Best-Sellers"
  • See "Most Popular"
  • See "Hot, New Releases"
  • See "Movers and Shakers"
Video 6 - Incredible Research Tool
  • Look over my shoulder as I guide you step by step through using a great research site
  • Get many product ideas
  • People actually tell you what they want to know
Video 7 - Massive Research Site
  • Discover a HUGE resource for researching niches
  • People are telling you their problems here
  • Learn not only if a product is profitable but get potential buyers to tell you exactly what they want from your product
  • More niches here than you will ever get through
Video 8 - Market Research
  • Why you should research the competition
  • Learn how you can research the market to find out if the niche is indeed profitable or if it is a turkey
  • Why you may not want to sell a product that has no competition
Video 9 - Competitor Research
  • Learn how to see what your potential competitors are doing
  • Understand how you can beat them at their own game and create a better product

And of course, I can't leave you with just 9 videos when there are so many more things I could give you to help you build a profitable business!

Second Awesome Product

Alsoincluded in this package is a product that you are going to LOVE! This is the perfect companion for the videos you're going to get.

This is a short report from Scott Raven, called, " Niche Brainstorm". It's a fast, easy, exciting, 16-page manual on using 11 online research sites to look for the hottest of the hot niches. These are sites to use to brainstorm and find ideas for your niche products and sites.

It's full of excellent, jaw-dropping, tips and techniques to use at these 11 sites. This report is about Scott's own personal ways that he uses to find great-selling products and red-hot topics. Most of the sites are NOT the same ones that everyone else is telling you to use.

Once you know what the hot-selling products and the red-hot topics are, they become potential niches for you to get into.

He has some very good tips on pages 1, 7, 8, 13 and 15 about how to do your brainstorming as fast and efficiently as possible, without getting lost in analyzing the niche. Analyzing the niche comes after brainstorming.

There are four or five sites or sources listed (pages 8, 9, 10, 12 and 13) that I had never even thought of using for brainstorming and I thought I knew them all!

You'll also find some very sneaky tactics to use on pages 8 and 9. These were the "jaw-dropping" moments for me that I mentioned above.

The ultra-secret weapon is on pages 13 and 14.

Learn more about "Niche Brainstorm"

Then... Check Out These Bonuses!

Along with the "How To Research A Product" video series (running for over an hour and a half!), AND "Niche Brainstorm", you will also get these three bonus reports completely free, to help you make the most of your niche research:

Free Bonus Gift #1
"100 Ideas From The Niche Database" By Frank Mullen 
($17 Value)
  • This is a treasure chest of 100 niche ideas ranging from aquariums to weightloss and everything in between.
  • 100 possible niches to create valuable, money-making niche websites in.
  • Kickstart your search for online niches with these ideas.


Free Bonus Gift #2
"The Top-50 Hottest Niches" By Michael Oksa (2009 Edition)
($27 Value)
  •  This is literally a list of 50 of the hottest online niches. 
  •  Each main keyword in the list has at least 10,000 searches per day over all search engines, not just on Google.
  • There are 25 additional search terms for each main keyword.
  • These Top-50 niches add up to millions of searches per day.

Free Bonus Gift #3
"Master List of Evergreen Niches" By Daniel Tierney
($17 Value)
  •  What is an Evergreen Niche and why is it so important?
  •  Dan's own personal list of 56 Evergreen Niches based on 7-years  of experience.
  •  The 2 best broad niches to get involved in.
  •  The 4 best sub-niches to target.

Profitable Niches Rock!

If you can identify a profitable niche then you can create a product in it and earn from it. You can even outsource the product creation or use a Private Label Rights or Master Resell Rights product.

It could take you a week to identify a niche and create a product, if you go slowly. And What if this product then earned you just $100 a week?

What if you created one profitable niche product per week for a year? 52 products earning $100 a week? $5,200 a week? Nice!

Profitable niches are out there and you can easily find them if you know what you are doing. "The How To Research A Product" program will show you exactly how you can find profitable niches and exploit them.

This package that you're looking at right now is an example of a hot niche. The niche is "How To Find A Hot Niche". Do you realize how many people don't know how to find a great niche? Do you realize how many people will be going online in the next few years to try and learn how to make money online? They will all have to learn how to tell a good niche from a bad niche and this package is going to help them.

Just take a look at a few of the top keyword search results from the Google Adwords Keyword Tool for "Niche"-related search terms in December, 2008:

  1. niche                                  823,000
  2. niche marketing                   27,100
  3. niche market                        14,800
  4. niche markets                        4,400
  5. micro niche                            3,600
  6. finding niche                          3,600
  7. niche products                       2,400
  8. finding a niche                       1,000
  9. finding your niche                  1,000
  10. how to find a niche                   720
  11. niche marketing strategy          480
  12. find my niche                           390

Keywords 2-12 had a grand total of 59,390 searches in December! 
I didn't count #1, "niche" because it's too broad of a keyword.

There are many more longtail "niche" keywords where those came from too!

Don't worry about keyword research. It's really very simple to do once you know how and you will get slots of keyword research training in this package.

However, product research is perhaps the most vital part of information marketing. If you can identify profitable markets then you can reap the financial benefits of it. Get this part wrong and your product could totally flop.

This step by step course will show you how to;

  • research product ideas, and to
  • find out if there is a market, and
  • what keywords your customers are using
  • how to beat your competitors every time
  • if you should create your own product.

Think for a second about what you'll be doing tomorrow and in the years to come. Will you be building a new campaign that you KNOW will be profitable? Will you be marketing in a niche that has the potential to be a six-figure income earner?

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

When you purchase the "How To Research A Product" program you will have a full 30 days to review the package and ensure your satisfaction. I am 100% confident you will be absolutely delighted with everything you will learn from this high quality, multi-media training. You are covered by my iron clad, no quibbles satisfaction policy which means if you are not totally delighted with this program you will get a rapid and courteous refund.

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To Our Online Success


Mike Berry

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